We love start-ups. Fear No Ad can develop your branding & creative. From the logo & website to the social media pages and branded content featured on your site. After the materials are created we develop a brand style guide document with best practices to help keep your branding consistent across all channels.

We can help develop and define a visual language for your brand. Do you need assets created that can be assembled into ads later? photos that can be used in multiple formats? logos that can be pieced into Facebook ads? Let’s create some great work together.


The DivorceRX mission is to create an environment where people can focus on rebuilding their lives once they become divorced. We helped provide the tools and knowledge to empower their community. We did this by building and designing their branding, website and social media pages to deliver high value content, easy user interface, and powerful tools. #MovingOn

The Thred

Love. Curated

“The Red Thred unravels the mess of modern dating apps and weaves together meaningful relationships.”

Fear No Ad designed and developed the corporate branding for The Thred. A new app-based dating-meets-matchmaking service.
The red thread became the key signature branding device and also has mystical meaning.

We removed the “a” from the word thread to make the company name ownable and unique. This allowed us to highlight the word “red” in color making the name and the red thread memorable and distinctive.

A Live video sharing App coming soon!

Chelsea Treats

Branding for a bakery in Chelsea, NYC


We developed the graphics for the launch of GL-X, a new media hybrid specializing in production, post and music solutions.

Sensible Fusion, Inc.

A Rhode Island based agricultural technology start-up. The company is developing disruptive technologies for growers, farmers and greenhouses, that includes regulatory oversight mechanisms, which result in cleaner, safer, and higher yielding production.