Children's Book

3X Indie Book Award Winner Including Best Overall Design!

Book Design and Production

Fear No Ad designed this 3X Indie Book Awards Grand Prize Winner including BEST OVERALL DESIGN.
Marlon McDoogle’s Magical Night is a world-class Christmas adventure about a young boy finding his identity, and stepping into his place in the world.

Inspired by the actual Black Hills Central Railroad in Hill City, SD. The 1880’s Train (as it’s known) is the oldest continuously operating tour railroad in the nation.

Social Media Video to Promote the Book

Character Design

Our challenge was to create a mascot for 1880 TRAIN to help humanize the company which was represented by big heavy steam locomotives and passenger cars. Our clients wanted the mascot to be soft and approachable to connect with 1880 TRAIN customers. The mascot had to promote the company values of preservation and history while entertaining the guests. We developed a character mascot that was incorporated into merchandising, Social Media and other advertising as well as a friend that moves around their site for photo ops while guests are boarding the train, around the grounds or on board.

We developed several character options as friendly and enduring history buffs who love trains. 1880 TRAIN chose a Buffalo Character named Chug. He is an approachable friend for young and old to learn from and to make memories with.

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