FNA worked with CREEM to develop the comprehensive 360 degree integrated marketing communication plan to re-establish the corporate identity of the “America’s original rock & roll magazine.

The focus was on reviving the lifestyle surrounding music for a whole new generation and capitalizing on the high-profile celebrity recognition.

Website design & development

100% CREEM campaign

This campaign suggests to the audience that CREEM is the ultimate credible source in the music world. 100% CREEM means 100% genuine, 100% rock ‘n roll, and most importantly, 100% raw and revolutionary. The campaign features images of iconic rock ‘n roll celebrities immersed in the CREEM spirit and are endorsed by the CREEM seal of approval; 100% CREEM featuring their iconic BoyHowdy! logo. Like Rock ‘n Roll music, this idea transcends time to connect with the younger audience. It is executable as a 360 campaign across all platforms, including social and experiential media, to best fit the needs of the music audience.

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